We Offer a complete design, drafting and building permit filing service.

Proposals > Plans > Permits!

We’re here to help start and serve your project throughout the design and building permit process.

Design Proposal


We start every project with an in person meeting to go over the details and learn more about you. Things like property location, survey details and dreams for the outcome. Then diving deeper we discuss your wants and how you currently live & interact within spaces of your home. We then lock our selves away for approximately two weeks and filter all this information into workable design proposals for your project. We then meet up and as a team, navigate the pro’s, con’s and rough budgets of each proposal. As we work, each iteration of the design hones in on one final design that really gets you excited to start building.

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Once we have a final design you are excited to build, the design is submitted for an initial city zoning review(when applicable) to confirm its compliance. We then coordinate with Structural Engineers and Mechanical Designers to develop solutions wherever necessary. As these additional components are being calculated and determined, the remainder of the drawings and details are compiled for the building permit construction drawing package.

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Once the permit drawing package is prepared, I proceed to complete all the necessary application filings and communications with your municipal building department. If the project has additional requirements such as obtaining a Minor Variance at a Committee of Adjustment, I can provide representation for the project and lead it through this additional planning department requirement. We keep working with the building department and any additional governing authorities until your project has received the permits and drawings it needs to get started.